About PKC

About PKC

Pakistan is a land of huge natural resources along with all the seasons and weather conditions. Being an agricultural country, it always possessed large number of domestic animals. People of Pakistan had always been into breeding, keeping and improving all types of domestic animals. Dogs have always been an integral part of our Households among all socio economic classes. British influence also improved the interest into competing these animals in a variety of ways. With the passage of time it led into forming Professional Clubs for Dogs Fanciers. There after few Kennel clubs came into existence and contributed to the process of improvement. However, with the improvement of social media and awareness, both regarding dogs and denial to the basic membership rights and the objectives of a kennel club, a need was felt for a new kennel club. The Pakistan Kennel Club (PKC) was formed on September 2016.

PKC is a non-profit organization, affiliated with International Kennel Union IKU. Mr Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah is the Chairperson and the President. PKC is honored to conduct dog shows of Pakistan Army (Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps), Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Dawn News, Agricultural Veterinary Universities of Pakistan and Governments Livestock department, during National Horse and cattle shows. PKC has two sub clubs which are also called Specialty Clubs:-

  • PGSDC - Pakistan German Shepherd Dog club.
  • PLRC - Pakistan Labrador Retriever club.

Our Awesome Services

Online Database Management

Online database Management, accessible to all members.


Microchipping with issuance of Pedigree Certificates


Training for new local judges. Providing opportunities to new local judges for making their career in this field.

Dogs Shows

Dog shows in minimum 6 different cities every year.

Qualified Judges

Minimum five shows under foreign judges every year.


Seminars on handling and breeding. Educate and exercise code of ethics among members, breeders and exhibitors.

Objectives of the PKC

  • Procurement and incorporating the DNA sampling with pedigrees.
  • Improve quality of dog shows.
  • Linking with Army and Agricultural veterinary universities of Pakistan Government.

  • Liaison with the World to adopt the latest trends and norms of dog keeping.
  • Promoting true soft image of Pakistan.
  • Setting the standard and raising the bar for all other kennel clubs in order to facilitate every dog and the owner.

600 +

Registered Members

600 +

Registered Kennels

10000 +

Registered Dogs

20 +

Events Yearly


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