1. Miss Elena Sosnovskaya (Crimea) is a certified international canine judge of International Kennel Union - IKU Judge and has been associated with dog world since more than 20 years. She has a vast experience of handling, keeping and judging dogs of all groups. Presently Miss Elena is running a canine club in Crimea with a name Crimea Kennel Union.
2. In year 2003 she became an intern judge, she got qualified from Ukrainian Canine Federation (UCF). Her judging qualification history is as following: -
a. In year 2005 she became category - 3 judge with specialty of Labrador retrievers i.e. group 4 (Hunting Dogs).
b. In 2007 she became category - 2 judge for group 1 (Sheep dogs) and group 2 (Working dogs).
c. In year 2012 she became category - 1 judge for group 3 (Terriers) and group 5 (Companion and Toy Dogs).
d. In year 2012 she became an expert judge of international category.
e. In 2018 Miss Elena Sosnovskaya came on the panel of IKU Certified Judge.
3. During her career she has judged number of shows nationally and internationally, the lady has got a very vast experience in the field of judging.