Mr Oskar Micheal Dax was born on 18 February 1956, he is happily married having 4 children.
Since 1974 Mr Dax is breeding German Shepherd Dogs under the kennel name "Vom Kerkener Land" having both the varieties of stock hair and long coat.
Since 1978 Mr Micheal is a GSD specialist judge for FCI gp 1. He is authorised to judge all large breeds since 1981 and from 1986 onwards he is authorised to judge all breeds.
He has been a performance judge for AD, BH, Sch 1-3 FH and IPG. Since 1986 he has been licensed as a Körmeister and a teaching judge.
In 1994 he became president of AKDH e.v and in year 2017 he was appointed as president of the WKO and WUGSD. Mr Dax has a vast experience of judging shows in Germany and different parts of the world.
He is on the panel of visiting judges for PKC-PGSDC since 2018