Born in 1993 in Gujrat. An entrepreneur An industrialist and a software engineer. Graduated from UMT. He is unmarried yet. Has been keeping dogs since childhood and at just 27 years of age he is a renowed breeder/ handler/ trainer all over the nation. Owns one of the finest kennels in the nation named CERBERUS K9z and is known for his extreme passion for canines.
Has been affiliated with PKC since 2017. Became the  All breed warden in 2018. Being Associated in the field of cynology for more than 5 years and working as a Steward with national and foriegn judges sharpened his skills. He is also known for training hunting, working and protection dogs. Youngest breeder in the history of pakistan to introduce and register his own dog breed nationally by the name of PAKISTANI BULLER.
He has owned and successfully shown many dog breeds to Championship titles. Handling, keeping and breeding different sporting, non-sporting, terriers and working dogs allows for an objective assessment of the psychological and anatomical harmony of the dog. Became the youngest certified All Breed Judge by Pakistan Kennel Club in October 2019.